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And now todays articleAn opportunity to shift a philosophy!
Golf is considered the essential mind game for various reasons. One reason is that in golf, you are the one initiating the action from start to finish. There is no ball, puck or opponent to react to. Because of this uniqueness, many golfers find that they struggle with various challenges on the course. As a result, many of my clients call me under the assumption that Something is broken; therefore I need to fix it.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
If you think you are broken in some way because youre not playing your best, lack confidence, dont enjoy yourself, etc.let me remind you that you are NOT broken and there is no reason to try and fix anything. In my opinion, the Im broken/I need to fix myself mindset comes from an old and time worn belief about mental game work and how to approach improving performance. The thinking goes; if somethings not working wellit needs to be fixed, right? Wrong.
Do you under perform? Would you like to experience more confidence? Do you let tension and pressure get in the way? There are many reasons golfersof all levels dont perform their best and not one of them has anything to do with a golfer being broken or needing to fix themselves.
Terry, a former teaching pro and mini-tour golfer said, I think Im my own worst enemy out there. Ive tried a few different tips and strategies but my results are still not where I want them to be. After a brief discussion, Terry informed me of some of his on-course challenges and ended by saying, Thats a lot of stuff to fixI know.

There it is'the F word (fix!). At the time, what Terry didnt realize wasthere was really nothing to fix. Upon hearing this, he immediately felt surprised, but relieved. He was of the mindset of its broken so I need to fix it. The truth is; everyone already has the tools needed to improve their playand this includes you.
Cars break. Toys break. Appliances break. You have parts too but they dont breakthey are either functioning well together or they are not. You only need to put your parts (mind, body and emotions) back in sync in order to experience improved play. It may feel like theyre broken sometimes but theyre notyoure either putting them in position to optimize your game or youre not. This is what the laws and principles are designed to do.
The notion that golfers need to fix themselves is subtle and from my conversations with players; pretty wide spread. This attitude reveals itself in the way we think about and talk about our game. If you think you are broken I believe this is a fundamentally incorrect assumption. Why not shift that misperception right now and realize that you DO have all the tools you needright at this momentand that you were never broken in the first place!
To Your Best Golf!
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