Stop Trying To Hit The Ball


Weve been taught to work hard and keep on trying in order to get what we want. While hard work and effort to reach any goal is extremely important it may not be the most efficient way to approach hitting a golf ball.
This correlates to one of the most common paradoxes in golf and in life for that matter. The paradox is:
Less Is More!
While many people understand this paradox from an intellectual perspective they often violate the paradox by doing more to get more. Trying to hit the golf ball is an example of this. Have you ever tried to really crush a shot? What happened? Tom, a 7 handicap tells me, Im a pretty good golfer and still there are times I really want to get more out of a shot and when I do, I rarely get what I want. In fact, I wind up hitting a pretty ineffective golf shot.
This is a perfect example of what I call The Try Factor causing a negative impact on your game. The confusion begins because we are taught to try, try and try some more. In the mind, this is the message being sent. However, we are also told to just hit the ball and let it go. These are conflicting messages that cause doubt and confusion over the golf ball. This is how we confuse our own internal wiring system. One message is, try to hit a good golf shot and the other is, just let it go and swing the golf club! Can you see how this would cause an internal conflict?
It doesnt matter what level player you are, this type of conflict is not good for your game!
Think about it this way. Do you try to drive your car? Do you try to eat your meals? Do you try to ride a bike? Can you see how awkward and inefficient it would be to try and do these things? This would not be the best way to go about these things. Trying to hit the golf ball interferes with a smooth golf swing as much as it does the items listed above.
Here are some suggestions to stop trying to hit the golf ball:
  • Trust Your Swing
    There is no getting around this one. If you dont trust your golf swing you will try to control it. Not trusting your golf swing is also a form of not trusting yourself enough to make a smooth and powerful swing. Many amateur clients are also business people who are used to trying hard in their personal and professional lives and they find they can get the same results without the wasted energy and effort. They are pleasantly surprised to discover that building trust can be done in many different ways both on and off the golf course.
  • Remind Yourself That Trying Too Hard Doesnt Work!
    Recall the times when over trying to hit the golf ball caused you to get less than desirable results. By remembering this you can remind yourself of the paradox: less is more. Im a big fan of looking at reality! You already have the proof that this approach does not work for you. If it hasnt worked, why would you keep doing it?
  • Practice Exercises That Help You Let Go
    Its been my experience with clients that most people do not breathe very effectively. Their version of breathing is a short inhale and a short exhale. Proper breathing is much more than that and can positively impact you and your game on so many different levels. Like anything else, learning the proper techniques and then practicing it is the key. There are also other forms of mind/body practice such as TaiChi, Yoga or the Martial Arts.
    Stop trying to hit the golf ball and you may like what you see!
    To Your Best Golf!
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