Stuck in the Box


What do you want? Do you want more confidence? Do you want to be more positive? Do you want to feel more optimistic, generate better emotions or handle adversity more easily? Do you want to play with more freedom and less stress and struggle?

What do you want?

I speak to golfers and businesses all around the country and they often inform me they want many different things in terms of improving themselves and their performances. They also inform me they spend a great deal of time and effort trying to get them.

What do you want?

Many are familiar with the expression, outside the box. Some link fear and negativity to it because it means CHANGE and some folks resist that. Truth is, if you want to improve or change anything it IS necessary to go outside your own box and Ill tell you why later. This phrase generally means looking outside the norm, outside what is usually or historically done. Paul Azinger, this years American Ryder Cup Captain stated that hes done something outside the box with his choice of team members this year. Im sure there will be many opinions on this over the next several days.


Lets consider the concept of outside the box in your own game. First, nobody contacts me or hires me to speak because they want things to remain the same. They want something different, something better for themselves. Here is where the challenge arises. What many dont realize at first is that their current experience is a result of operating out of an old box. This usually causes some surprise when people hear it. We all do this unless we become aware of it and know how to step outside of it to put ourselves in position to get more of what we want. What is the box Im referring to? The box consists of your current,

Point of view/philosophy
Limiting beliefs/attitudes

Most golfers I meet across the country tell me they want to improve some aspect of their overall game (and its rarely mechanics!). The real challenge comes because what we want exists outside our box (it usually does!). When we attempt to get what we want by using the ingredients already in the box, it isnt very effective! This often leads to frustration because as Einstein said,

You cant solve a problem using the same mind that caused the problem in the first place.


Yet this is what so many try to do and because they are so attached to their box they keep on using it even though their results are less than satisfying.

Think of it this way. Your current box is like the operating software in your computer. This means your computer will only perform the functions your software will allow. Every time you turn it on you could hope and wish it would perform other functions for you bit it wont because your computer is limited by the current abilities of the software in your system. Now look at yourself. Your box, meaning all of the items listed earlier are your personal operating software and if you want something new it is imperative to go outside that box in order to achieve it because what you want exists outside of that box!

Hoping the old box will offer you something different is like the proverbial dog going in circles chasing his own tail.

I see this cycle in the corporate world as well. People want certain changes to take place in their organization yet they base their decisions and actions on their old box and are often not aware of it. The result: very little actual change takes place even after time, money and energy are spent. Why? Because as Einstein said, 'you cant solve a problem using the same mind that created it in the first place.' The old box only keeps them moving around in the same limited circle with sporadic change but the ideas, strategies and theories continue to be driven from the old box causing little actual change.

Successful people in any walk of life, including sports have learned to see the limitations of the old box and step out of it toward what they really want. The success of this process is a testament to the incredible creative power of what I call your inner power tools. It always begins within and everybody has these tools (including you!). Its a personal choice as to whether one wants to continue operating inside the old box or not.

What do you want?

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