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And now todays article
Its time to renew the golf season in places where winter has held its grip. Even if you live in a warm weather climate there is something about this time of year and no matter where you live, work or play this can be a time of renewal. A time to prepare yourself to play the kind of golf you know you are capable of playing.
Do you believe you can shoot lower scores and play better golf? Over 90% say YES! Most golfers I talk to believe they could play better, if only Have you ever thought, If I could only(fix my swing, stop being negative, relax more, make better decisions, learn how to hit a certain shot, etc.)? What many people say is, If I could only get out of my own wayId play better! I hear this from many golfers all over the world. My response? Youre right! The truth is, if we did learn to get out of our own waywe would play better.
So, how do you get in your own way to begin with? What prevents you from playing the game the way you know you can?
The answer is a simple as addition and subtraction. The mistake many clients make, before we work together is what I call, The Addition Error. This means that they believed the way to improve was to continually search for more ways to ADD to their game. Usually this meant more information, more concepts and generally more ideas to think about.
On one hand you know its better for your game to just let it go, relax, stop thinking so much while on the other hand you may be trying to ADD more stuff to think about! It simply doesnt work, does it? The Addition Error is the mistake people make when they think If I add more things, I should get better.

Do your best performances come as a result of you doing more or doing less? Clearly, the answer is, doing less. So, why do we continue searching to add more and more knowing that it doesnt help us improve? The answer most clients give me is, I didnt know what else to do or Its hard to believe that doing less will get me what I want. It is a paradox for suremaybe the most challenging paradox for people to buy into. However, look at your own experience. Heres what ADDING more looks like:
Trying to hit the ball harder
Try too hard in general
Add a lot of information into your mind
Over thinking and over analyzing (more information!)
Do you play better when you do these things? Doubtful.
When you subtract, you actually add. Here are some of the things you add to your game when you subtract:
More easy focus
Calm, more relaxed body
Clarity in decision making
Reduced stress/anxiety
Power and consistency
Subtract to add and you will find that you can improve the way you think about, and play the game!
To Your Best Golf!
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