Take Out The Trash


Do you tend to focus on the past allowing past mistakes and fears to create doubt and anxiety in the present?
Take out the trash is a metaphor I use for leaving the past where it belongs and in the only place it once livedin the past. At home; when you put trash into a bag or container do you inspect it again before you take it out to the curb to be picked up on trash day? I doubt it! We dont analyze our trash to see what we had for dinner last night or review the label on the can of beans we opened 3 days ago! We put the trash in the bag, close it up, put it in the garbage can and haul it to the curb to be taken away.
You can do the same thing with the negative trash in your mind. Instead of constantly reviewing the past, bringing up situations that didnt work out and remembering your misses and mistakestake out the trash. Its garbage so treat it as such!

When players allow the past to continually have a voice; the present becomes nothing more than a replay of the past. This causes frustration and confusion, which can erode your confidence. The past is nothing more than a memory being brought forward into the present. Unfortunately, our memories tend to latch on to the negative aspects of our experiences thereby imprinting them on our subconscious mind. This tape automatically loops around and around recreating whatever is printed on ituntil we CONSCIOUSLY BREAK THE LOOP. When a person, place or situation creates just the right opportunity, a trigger is fired and the memory is automatically engaged once again.
Begin looking at your negative memories as trash that you can bag for pick up and be hauled away. In the neighborhood where you live you have a trash day every week where someone comes by to remove it for you. Why not have your own personal trash day and release the garbage that is of no use to you anymore?
Here are 4 quick steps you can use to take out the trash.
1. Notice the trash coming up in your mind
2. Immediately bag it and tag it into a trash bag and tie it up
3. See yourself pick it up, swing it over your shoulder and haul it to the curb
4. Walk away knowing youve released it and shift your attention to something present, positive and productive (ex: Okaythats goneIm ready, Ill steady my breathing and focus on what I need to do right now, etc.)
Have fun taking out the trash!
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