Take Your Range Game to the Course


How often does this happen to you? You come to the practice range, loosen up your swing and start hitting the ball pretty well. Youre feeling pretty good, confident and ready to go. Then, you approach the first tee and all of a sudden feel like there is a stranger hitting your shots! You begin to wonder, is this the same player that was hitting balls at the range ten minutes ago?
Its frustrating isnt it?
One of the most common complaints I hear is I hit the ball well at the range and then come to the course and it seems to disappear!
A professional player recently said to me, Man, I hit the ball so well in practice and it amazes me that I struggle so much when I get to the course. I play ok but it seems like Im working so hard and its such a different experience for me.
A 15 handicap asked, David, Im so happy with the results Im getting using the Wired To Win insights. I have a question for you. I noticed that my actual course game is different than how I hit the ball at the range. Any tips?
Of course! Ill tell you the same thing I told both of these players.
First of all; remember, the Mind/Body/Performance principles are in play here; they are ALWAYS in play! If youre not familiar with them read Wired To WinThe Mental Keys To Play Your Best Golf or contact me.
The first reason that players leave their range game at the range is because their ATTENTION shifts from process to outcome. When at the range identify what you are thinking about. Remember what you focused on at the range The answer to your problem is right in front of you. Identify what you were thinking, feeling and doing at the range and take that to the course with you. Your goals at the range are quite different than on the course arent they? Things like focusing on rhythm, get a feel for the swing, see your intended targets, relax your body, etc., are all the keys you want to take to the course too!
When you approach the first tee; what are you thinking about? Chances are youve shifted your attention toward outcome or results thinking. Things like Ive got to get off to a good start here or I hope to just get off the tee in good shape and not embarrass myself or now it counts! These are outcome and result oriented thoughts. If you know the Performance Formula, you know these thoughts will trigger the negative emotions of fear and doubt. Youve set yourself up to experience these feelings and to have outcomes that are beneath your actual talent level.
Want to take your range game to the course? Identify what youre thinking, feeling and doing at the range and take THAT to the course with you!
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