The Truth About Lies


The Truth About Lies
Golf can provide you with many interesting moments. Just when it seems youve seen it all your ball ends up in a place that causes you to scratch your head and wonder, How am I going to get out of this?
This week's subject area is all about the difficult lie and how to best get yourself out of trouble on the course. Of course, there are different techniques and mechanics that teaching pros will write about but no matter what you read or hear there are two very specific things that must always be part of your arsenal. They are both undeniable and are the keys to success no matter what choices you make or technique you put into practice. The truth about difficult lies rests in two words and they are: confidence and commitment.
Lets look at why confidence and commitment are so important for difficult lies. Everyone knows that confidence and commitment are important on the course in general but for difficult lies they are even more valuable.
Whether your ball is plugged into wet sand, lying at the base of a tree or sitting in a place that puts you in jeopardy, your ability to get yourself out of trouble will rely on you first being clear minded enough to choose the best shot for the situation. Then, once your choice is made it is imperative that you begin to trigger a feeling of confidence that you can execute it. Whether youve hit this shot before or not, it is still important to bring yourself to a state of confidence that you have the ability to hit it so that you will execute the shot just the way you want to. One great way to do this is to engage the amazing power of your imagination. Remember, your physical body doesnt know whether your imagination is real or not. So, now it is important to imagine the exact result you wish to see.
Once you have done this it is time to hit the shot. At this point your level of commitment takes over. You must be fully committed to the execution of this shot. Many golfers find that they arent quite as committed as they thought (usually hoped) and unfortunately this lack of commitment reveals itself just before striking the ball. This results in a tentative swing that lacks firmness and commitment through the ball. All shots require a full commitment and difficult lies require just as much or even more. Where there is doubt, there is a lack of commitment and where there is lack of commitment there is often a poor result.
The next time you find yourself facing a difficult lie think two things: confidence and commitment.
By making the right choice and imagining your success you will trigger more confidence. Since they work together you will find yourself generating a strong commitment over the ball and this will put you position for success more often.
Try it. You might be pleasantly surprised at the impact this has on the way you execute the difficult lies!
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To Your Best Golf!
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