Untie the Knot


Playing tennis 6 hours a day proved to be a lot of wear and tear on the body and more specifically ' the feet. Once the day was done I used to sit down, relax and the first thing Id do is untie the laces on my tennis shoes. Immediately, I felt a sense of relief and relaxation throughout my entire foot and ankle.
It made me wonder; If doing something as simple as untying a knot in my sneaker laces could make me feel so relaxed I wonder how many other kinds of knots I had that needed untying?
If you want to be in position to perform your best, you might want to consider the notion of untying your knots. In fact, one of the most common comments I hear from teaching professionals across the country is, If I could get my students to relax more, theyd improve faster! What theyre really saying is, their knots are too tight!
Every knot provides us a terrific opportunity to untie them and loosen the tension so we dont have to carry either one around with us on the golf course. The tension in your body has the same affect the knot in your shoelace has. Its there to tighten the shoe around your foot and keep it that way. Unfortunately, the knot in your body locks you up the same way ' and prevents you from playing your best. Tension is the number one killer of the golf swing. This is true no matter how strong your mechanics are or what your current handicap is. If you are too tense it will sabotage power, rhythm and accuracy. Tension kills. If youre not convinced of this ' remember back to a time when you tried to kill a shot. What happened? If youre like most of us you ended up hitting a shot that lacked power, rhythm and consistency ' just the opposite of what you wanted. All of this happens because of the tremendous amount of added tension you created in the golf swing. Your knot was too tight.
When you untie the knot it allows your body to function at a higher level and it will also allow you to generate power, rhythm and greater consistency. I dont know any golfer who doesnt want that!
Knots can appear in three places. They appear in your mind, your emotions and in your body. Mental tension (doubt. indecision, negativity), emotional tension (anxiety, fear, anger, frustration) and physical tension (tightening fingers, hands, arms, legs, jaw and eyes) will hurt a golf swing faster than anything else. No matter what form it comes in ' a knot is a knot and while it might be useful in keeping your shoes tight ' its not good for your game.
Untie the knots and let your game out!
To Your Best Golf!

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