Visualizing Your Best Shots


How often do you imagine your best shots on the golf course? The power of your imagination cannot be overestimated. Jack Nicklaus is legendary for his use of imagery prior to every shot. Tiger Woods often talks about seeing the shot before he hits it. What are you doing with your mental pictures when you stand behind the ball?
Imagery is a very powerful connecting rod between your mind, emotions, body and actual outcomes! If youre not using it, youre not using all of your tools to be successful. Imagery is part of your performance game plan and should not be left unused.
Steven Spielberg is a great director. Why? Much of it is because he has the vision in mind of how his movie is going to look. He uses his imagination to create the outcomes he wants on the screen. You have the same ability. You are the director of the movie you make on the golf course and the best part is that you are the star of this movie! . Are you making the movie you want to see? Its time for you to direct your own movie and one of ways to do that is to set the images exactly as you would like them to be.
The images you create make an imprint on your subconscious mind, nervous system and muscular system. The image actually becomes imbedded there and your body will begin to respond to those images. We all have this natural imprinting power available to us. Not only does it imprint, but also it has the power to activate outcomes in line with it. Have you ever imagined something and had it turn out exactly like that? This is the power of visualization at work!
Heres how to put visualization to work for you:
1. Practice it at the range.
Each time you hit a ball, stand behind it and visualize the following:
a. The ball flight
b. The landing area
2. Practice it at home.
Use imagery to see yourself striking the ball well by doing the following:
a. See yourself relaxed and comfortable over the ball
b. See yourself taking a smooth and comfortable swing
c. See yourself with a full follow through
3. On the course.
Use imagery on the course to see the shots you want. As part of your pre-shot preparation:
a. Visualize the shape, type, landing area of each shot
b. See yourself comfortable and relaxed over the ball
c. See the picture as CLEARLY as possible
d. Add the feeling to the visualization for greater impact (see AND feel the positive image youve created)
Imagery has been proven to affect the way you perform. The body doesnt know the difference between an actual event or an imagined event. Just imagining it will create a physiological reaction to take place inside you matching the picture youve created. Imagine hitting a great shot and you trigger great feelings and excitement. Imagine being confident and you will begin to feel confident. Imagine putting the ball in the water and you create negative feelings and tightness in your muscles. Imagine nothing and you are at the mercy of your default images which may be negative. This is how powerful imagery is; your body literally does not know the difference and it will react to the images you plant into it.
Your handicap is not a factor. Low handicaps and high handicaps benefit from imagery equally. The best players in the world do it all the time. It is effective for all levels of play! If youre not using it right nowgive it a try and consciously direct your movie on the course. If you are using it; build on your images, make them bigger, brighter and clearer.
Visualize your best shots and dont be surprised if those shots start showing up more often!
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