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Do you consider yourself a warrior on the golf course? This year's Masters Tournament, in fact, all the big tournaments require a warrior aspect in order to be victorious. The term warrior is often interpreted in many different ways. There is a new film out titled, Peaceful Warrior based on a book by Dan Millman titled, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior (an old favorite of mine). The words peaceful and warrior seem to be opposites but Dan describes it this way, It means a peaceful heart and a warriors spirit.
The FlowZone approach is in line with this because we teach simple but very powerful laws and principles that allow your mind, emotions and body to enter a peaceful state and when this happens your spirit is strong. You cannot avoid their connection your game is always influenced by them. In the last 20 years Ive witnessed the majority of my clients struggle with their negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and become frustrated as they search for ways to rise above them. In essence their minds, bodies, emotions and spirits are out of sync. The approach to bringing them back into sync is everything and it should take you directly to this source to have the biggest impact.
Here are some of the warrior attributes:
  • Seeing everything that happens as a lesson for your own growth

  • A calm mind that is able to make clear and committed decisions

  • Letting go of the negative past

  • Strong but resilient emotions

  • Increased awareness which lead to more conscious choices

  • Enjoyment regardless of outcomes and events

  • A strong and unwavering inner confidence

  • Keying in on the present moment without distractions from the mind jumping from the past to the future

For some, warrior means (and it shows in the way they approach golf):
  • Trying too hard

  • Trying to control too many things

  • Overly concerned with outcomes

  • Comparing themselves to others

  • Emotional states that rise too high or drop too low

  • Focus too much on perfection/ Self judgment and criticism

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Self-Importance

As a result; confidence is easily shaken.
Which of these two groups of attributes do you think will help you perform your best? You probably already know the answer from personal experience.
You can develop the first list of attributes if you choose to make it so. It begins with a choice to take action on what works rather than what does not work.
Here are some suggestions that will help you create the sync your mind, body, emotions and spirit need in order to play your best golf no matter what your skill level or experience:
Yoga will help you become more aware of the tension in your body and loosen muscles for more power and flexibility. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student this will help you play your best. You can visit Golf Channel contributor, Katherine Roberts at http://www.krtotalfitness.com to learn more or find a local teacher. As with many classes of this nature, you may be able to sit in or take the class for free to check it out.
Find a Performance Coach
Find a coach who will work with you to create the attributes listed above. The approach is very important so check it out before you decide. I teach the FlowZone approach to people across the globe because it can be done successful over the phone. The people who reach their potential most often have worked with a coach at one point or another so why not you? Whatever your handicap or skill level you can benefit by working with the proper coach and the proper approach. You can also check your local area or ask friends for referrals but take some action!
Tai Chi
Tai Chi is another form of martial arts training that focuses on balance, energy, power and breathing. It also teaches discipline and patience as well as how to let go and reduce physical, mental and emotional tension as does Yoga. Its another way to get you back in sync. Find a local teacher who conducts classes. Usually they will let you sit in or even take a class for free to see if you like it.
As I teach it, the so-called mental game is not part of your game; it IS your game because it consists of your mind, body, emotions and spirit. These elements function well or poorly via a set of simple laws and principles that always produce outcomes. When they are in sync you will be in position to be your best. Youre welcome to call me directly with any questions (847.681.1698).
To your best golf!

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