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For those of you who love the game of golf and live in the cooler weather states, springtime is quickly approaching. Some of you have been fortunate enough to play golf over the last 4 months either because you live in a warmer climate or youre able to travel to one. For many though, this time of year triggers visions of new possibilities and opportunities. This is golfs version of Spring Training. This is your chance to begin your golf season with a clean slate and your record is spotless!
As this new golf season turns the corner what visions do you have for yourself? Are you excited about the opportunities to shoot lower scores, enjoy yourself more than last year, start playing the way you know you can and stop sabotaging yourself on the course? Will you try to play more rounds of golf this year or will you finally take those lessons youve been putting off?
The new season is a time for honest reflection. Golfers often think that if they arent a pro that a lot of the tips and ideas they see in magazines and articles arent for them. This is simply not true. You dont have to be a serious golfer to apply them. Its not about playing the game for a living because most people do not. However, if youre going to play the game why not play it at the highest level you personally can? It doesnt matter if you shoot 120 or 80 or are scratch or professional. The principles I talk about in the FlowZone program influence everyone no matter what level you play. So, how are you approaching this upcoming season? Here are some suggestions to consider:
1. Get into Golf Shape
Lack of play, lifestyle and even lifting weights can cause a lack of flexibility. It is important to get your body ready to play the game of golf. Take your age, condition and exercise abilities into account. There are many easy to use flexibility programs available. You can check on The Golf Channel website to see programs listed in the Health and Fitness section as a great way to start.
2. An Honest Reflection
Nothing beats the truth. In fact, the first performance law I tell my clients is:the more honest you are with yourself; the quicker you get what you want. This law is true for everybody and means that whatever you are not willing to see; you cannot possibly change or improve. Its that simple. Take an honest look at yourself. Where are you now and what do you need to do?
Here are some guideline questions to consider:
1. If I never took another lesson; could I shoot better scores?
Most of my clients answer Yes.
2. If I answered yes then why dont I?
3. What are the ways I might sabotage myself on the golf course?
4. When I look at the ways I under performhow many of them are mental, emotional or physical?
NOTE: Many people discover that many of their problems are related to how they use their minds and emotions as opposed to only physical (swing mechanics, condition).
5. What do I do well?
6. What dont I do well?
7. Am I willing to develop the areas I dont do as well?
8. Who do I need to contact to do this?
These are some basic questions to get you started. I hope you choose to take an honest look at yourself and your game. You spend money, time and energy playing it so why not play the game at your highest personal level?
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