What is a Mental GameReally


As the weekly Mental Game Columnist for The Golf Channel and performance coach to amateurs and pros around the world, I know that most are familiar with the phrase, The Mental Game and when asked about it, they all believe its important.
The truth? Very few of them formally develop it.
The reason?
What they tell me most often is they are confused by the amount of information out there and as a result, dont know where to begin. In addition, they dont want to spend money being told to be confident and be more positive. These reasons make sense when you look at it. There is a lot of vague and repetitive information about the so called, mental game out there. Just about every article, every book and television program tells you the same thing, its important to be confident, have fun, not be so serious and be positive. All good advice, right? Well of course it is but as my clients tell me, Ive tried all that stuff already and it doesnt work!
What they really mean is that it doesnt LAST. Most of my clients report, the quick-fix tips, dont last that long. No wonder people are confused and dont know where to begin!
You see, those quick-fix tips arent wrong in fact they make a lot of sense the problem is; they are the outcomes everyone wants to experience but they are NOT THE WAY TO GET THERE. The important question is: WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? I can tell you this hearing them or reading them is not the best way.
Ive got a much better idea. Why not discover that there are fundamental and unbiased and undeniable laws and principles that govern your outcomes. Thats right, just like your swing results are based on very undeniable and predictable laws that will affect your outcomes your game is governed by laws too!
Try this. If I asked you to rate how much of your game is mental, using a scale from 0 to 100% ... what would you say? I polled 250 golfers ranging from professional to amateur and heres what they said: their answers ranged from 10 to 90%
What if I suggested to you that the answer is really 100%?
I can hear the anguish now. What about mechanics and managing the course? Dont worry ' its covered.
In order to get faster and longer lasting changes and results, I dont follow the traditional model with its quick-fix tips, vague concepts or hard to untangle theories. After all, dont you already know that being positive and confident is better than being negative or lacking confidence? Of course you do. Why would I tell you what you already know? Its simple, the 'Mental Game' has 3 components to it and they are:
The Mind
The Body
The Emotions
And now the proof.
Heres why I say the answer is 100%. Every time you put your hands on the golf club ALL THREE OF THESE COMPONENTS ARE IN PLAY! I dare you to find a time when this is not true. You wont. You cant because you CANNOT SEPERATE THEM. So, heres what Id like you to know. There are predictable and undeniable laws and principles that govern how your mind, body and emotions function to produce outcomes for you on the golf course (and off!).
Heres an analogy. Imagine yourself to be a world class musician (lets say a pianist). With all your talent, skill and knowledge if you play a piano that is out of tune you wont ' play great music. You could learn more, practice more and improve your skills but when you try to play an out of tune piano it wont matter it will still not play great music. The problem is that golfers are trying to play better music (meaning better golf) on an instrument that is out of tune. The instrument is you and tools that make it work are the mind, body and emotions. Put them back in tune (or in sync) and you will improve!
Now heres your choice.
You can read articles, try new tips and get the results you always get or you can learn what the laws and principles are and begin creating more of what you want instead of just getting better at coping with what you dont want. This is what most people do they ' get better at coping with what they dont want. Those who create more of what they do want tend to perform better and enjoy it more!
Oh, and heres some more interesting news about the laws. They affect everyone, everywhere and at all times. It doesnt matter what your age, gender, personality type or skill level is. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
Some more proof? Take the law of gravity. Do you think it functions differently for you than it does for Tiger Woods or Paula Creamer? Of course not. In fact, gravity (and all the laws) functions regardless of your opinion of it. If you dont believe me, hold a pen over your head and repeat, I dont believe in gravity three times and really mean it. Open your fingers and see what happens.
The Laws are real. Theyve always been running the show and they always will.
To Your Best Golf!
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