What Motivates You


Motivation is a word often used in sports, business and in life. The word motivation is actually a combination of the words motive and action. These describe an internal drive rather than an external circumstance. There may be an external factor that compels you but the drive comes from inside.
The problem with motivations that are external is they come and go and the drive to excel can dampen over time. Trophies, money, acknowledgment and awards are all great but if these remain the sole motivation; the spark for peak performance and excellence may begin to burn out.
If you truly desire to be your best the motivation to do so must rise from within. There are many studies that reveal the search for excellence that lasts over time is best achieved by satisfying internal motivations rather than external ones. A common theme amongst the most successful people in and out of sports is that they have an inner vision that becomes so strong that it has to express itself. It is the vision that creates the compelling power to achieve. In golf, many players search far and wide for the keys to be their best and in doing so may find themselves focusing on external motivators. Here are some examples of the external motivators:
  • Score
  • Club Tournament Wins
  • Making it on a professional tour
  • Earning a certain amount of money
  • Being acknowledged by others
    Of course, the achievement of any of these feels good to be sure but those who have achieved them will tell you that they are fleeting. They come and go. When athletes are retired from their game they often say the thing they miss most is the relationship with teammates and the up and down and self-confronting journey they experienced to be their best. Excellence in any arena is driven from the inner desire to be YOUR best. Here are some examples of the inner motivators that can drive you to excel:
  • Overcoming fear and doubt
  • Learning to reach inside for more strength/power
  • Learning the valuable lesson from defeat or poor performances
  • Overcoming your own personal barriers
  • Expressing your full talents
  • Creating an internal sense of confidence
  • Becoming your own problem solver
    What motivates you to play golf? Are your motivations external or internal? What do you do to enhance your internal motivators?
    Go for the achievement of inner recognition because here is where you will achieve real and lasting satisfaction. Besides, the external game is a reflection of the internal game. Where is your focus?
    To Your Best Golf!
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