Where Do You Begin


Once again I am reminded by many people, including those of you who took advantage of the free consultation that mental game work provides a real challenge. People continually share this frustration with me. They say,
'I know a mental game is important but I dont how to begin working on it or where to go to do that!'
Besides not knowing where to go or how to begin; the most common reasons people resist is they,
  • Dont want to spend the money

  • Dont want to spend the time or be psychoanalyzed

  • Dont want to hear the same things they read in articles
The phrase, mental game means different things to different people. Unfortunately, some think mental game work is only for people who are in a crisis or who are always throwing fits on the golf course. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The FlowZone program is successfully used by people who already perform well, and by those who simply want to get to the next level and by those who know they under perform but dont know why.

Part of my mission is to break the circle of ineffective outcomes for players at ALL LEVELS. When questioned; 95% of my clients admit the most common method they use to improve themselves is the use of tips as a way to attain the traits of a peak performer. I receive many, many emails in which people describe their challenges on the golf course and even write Ive tried many different tips or approaches with little or no long term success. Then at the end of the email they ask, Any tips? This is the prevailing mindset. If this has been your approach I ask you,
'Have you tried to implement mental game tips in the past? How long have they lasted?'
People KNOW the tips theyve tried dont last very long yet continue to use that avenue looking for the answer. Does it make sense to do the same thing and expect different outcomes? Believe it or not, you can get the outcomes you want and do it quickly.
Its important to relax. Its important to be confident, positive and be emotionally calm in order to play your best. Its important to be consistent, committed and enjoy yourself!
Sound advice, right? If youre like most athletes, youve heard these before and have read information telling you WHY they are important but not HOW to easily make them your actual experience.
Over the last 20 years, Ive discovered 3 truths about people and performance:
  1. People do not under perform or sabotage themselves on purpose

  3. Quick-Fix Tips lose effectiveness over time

  5. There are precise and predictable cause and effect performance principles that influence EVERYONE no matter who you are

The Challenge: Over the last 20 years these are consistent challenges clients offer:
  1. They tend to focus most of their attention on mechanics or strategies

  3. 95% say the mental game is important yet state: I dont know where to begin. Trying tips is the only way I know how to develop it.

  5. They sabotage their own success without realizing how they are doing it. They do things that dont get them what they want but continue to do them anyway.

  7. They believe the answer lies in the tips'even though quick-fix tips lose effectiveness over time

  9. Their results do not match the time/effort/money they put into it

  11. They are not clear on the full impact a mental game has on their overall game
The FlowZone: A Revolutionary Approach
Rather than focus on TRYING to be positive, relaxed, confident, consistent, handle pressure better and so on, the FlowZone Approach takes a very different route. My philosophy is simple: You already have all the tools you need to get what you want and the player/person you want to be; already exists!
The 6 FlowZone Factors:
  1. This is not a philosophy, theory or concept. It is based on precise and predictable cause and effect principles

  3. These principles influence EVERYONE regardless of age, gender, personality type or skill level or any other factor

  5. These principles have always influenced your game and always will. They are easy to understand because the proof is in your actual experience. You do not need to look anywhere else!

  7. The mental game (as I teach it) is not part of your game; it IS your game!

  9. 90% of my clients state that tips dont last over time. No quick fix tips. No vague or confusing concepts. (Youll never hear, Be more positive or confident!)

  11. The principles ARE the gateway. Apply the principles and the key traits show up as a by-product. You can get what you want quickly through this process.
Are you playing UP to your true potential? What do you want? From tour player to 30 handicap, take an honest look and see if what youre doing is actually getting you what you want.
We are launching a new Executive FlowZone Program. This is for business people who want to improve their golf and/or improve their effectiveness on the job. If interested, please email info@theflowzone.net and put Executive Golf in the subject line. We will send you an info sheet with the highlights/benefits.
REMINDER: You can take advantage of the FlowZone program no matter where you live, work or play. I successfully work with clients via telephone. If interested, please contact us at david@theflowzone.net.
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