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A 64-year-old man crosses the finish line at a national long distance running event and is asked by a reporter, How does someone your age run a hundred miles? The runner replies, I dont run a hundred miles; I run one mile - a hundred times. If I focused on the entire distance the thought of such a task would be too difficult to handle properly.
The true story above is an example of how you WIN THE MOMENT. Winning the Moment is a crucial component for all athletes whether amateur or professional and from my experience, is the one most wanted by all of them. Its impact extends far beyond the golf course. The skill of present time focus was once thought to be the domain of athletes, actors or musicians because it was understood that those people really needed to focus this way in order to perform well.
Truth is: EVERYONE DOES. We can all benefit from it no matter what were doing. My clients are both professional and non-professional athletes and the benefits to the non-professionals are both glaring and obvious. Not only do they play their game of choice at a higher level but on a personal and daily work level they also experience:
  • A sense of freedom and confidence
  • Inner balance leading to confidence and clarity
  • Uncluttered mind
  • Emotional balance
  • Increase in energy
    While the idea of Winning the Moment sounds great (and it is!), it is often difficult to actually do. Why? The biggest obstacle to this kind of focus is a mind that has too many thoughts running through it. I call this, a noisy mind. Noise is the enemy of Winning the Moment. The noise I refer to are the incessant junk thoughts that run rampant in our minds and have no real value except to cause clutter and distraction. You know the noise. It sounds like some of the following: I cant do this. Not sure I can pull this shot off. He used a 7-iron and Im using 5-iron. I have to really kill this shot. I hit this in the water last week. Im better than this guy (or gal) so I better start playing that way. Dont go left here! Im not playing well today. I havent hit a good shot off the tee yet. I hope I dont mess this up. Of course, we could fill 50 sheets of paper with all the possibilities couldnt we? Noise is junk. Winning the moment does not occur when the noise takes center stage.
    Winning the moment is the result of three things:
    1. A quiet mind
    2. A focus on the present moment at handand nothing else
    3. A complete trust in the moment
    Ahand here is where the challenge comes into play. The mind wants to continue being noisy. How many things are you thinking about right now?
    Take note that success in this does not come from reading or talking about it. Many have tried this and it simply doesnt work. It comes from awareness and practice (the video teaches you the insights that make this easier!).
    For now, here are some things to consider;
  • Monitor the noise
    Do you know how noisy it is in your head? Notice how often and how quickly your thoughts move from one to another. This noise of activity is what keeps you from Winning the Moment.
  • Try doing one thing at a time
    Instead of multi-tasking (which many people do), try to completely focus and absorb your attention on one thing or one person and see what that feels like. When talking to someonegive them 100% of your attention. Once again, the mind will want to wander to many different things but bring it back to the person or the activity.
  • Practice
    The Martial Arts and other Mind/Body practices such as meditation, qi kung or tai chi, teach students the importance of present time focus.
    This habit, done properly will not only strongly impact your golf but will positively impact your life as well.
    Win the Moment first and 100 miles will turn into one mile a hundred times.
    To your best golf!
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