You Dont Have to Fix Yourself


I find it interesting that many clients come into the FlowZone program with the notion that they need to fix something about themselves. They say things like, I need to be more confident or I need to stop sabotaging myself and get out of my own way or I need to stop being negative, can you help with that? I really need some work and real help with these things! They come into the process with the subtle attitude that something is fundamentally wrong and that they need to find ways to cope with things better. This usually means, fix something. The coping mindset is a very common one and it is fostered by many books and articles as well as some of the traditional approaches to mental game work. The inherent message is often a subtle one but it can be, you need to fix something and make it right in order to be your best. One of the first things I tell clients is, Lets come from the premise that youre not broken and that you dont have to fix yourself!

They often respond with, But I do need to fix the way Im handling things. I need to cope better dont I? My response is usually, If you knew the synonyms for the word cope, you might think a little differently about that. Here are the synonyms for the word cope:
  • To get by
  • To struggle with
  • To manage
  • To muddle through
Is this what you really aspire to do? Do you want to get by, struggle with and muddle through your rounds? Why would you do that when you are capable of so much more?

Managing The Golf Course

Many golfers I talk to say that mechanics and managing the golf course are the most important things. I dont disagree that mechanics and knowing how to manage your way around the golf course are important but let me ask you this, What do you think youre really managing when you manage the golf course?

What youre really managing is yourself! When you manage yourself better, you manage the golf course better! I dont even like to use the word manage when working with clients. I prefer to use the word create because it brings the responsibility back where it belongs; on you! Here are some suggestions to begin doing this:

Take Charge of your own game
You have all the resources you need to play your best. One of the fundamental philosophies of the FlowZone approach is; you already have all the tools you need to excel and when you choose to tap into this vast resource you will see a difference in how you play the game.

Be more clear
In the FlowZone program, clients, even the low handicappers discover that they are not as clear as they thought they were. Clarity is a fundamental factor that triggers your mind, body and emotions to function at a higher level and therefore produce better results. Some golfers get bogged down with too much information, too many theories and it causes them to be unclear.

Make the best decisions
Clarity leads to better decision making. When your mind is clearer you will pick up all the information you need to make the best decision for any situation you are in. Some golfers make poor decisions because they allow doubt, fear or over excitement to cloud their decision process. You will create a better on course experience when youre mind is clearer.

Stop trying to fix yourself
Remember, if you try to fix yourself then you think that part of you is broken, which is simply not true. When you bring your focus back to yourself and the Laws that produce outcomes, there is no need to ever think that you need fixing again. Why fix whats not broken to begin with? You have all the tools you need already (a mind, a body and emotions) and if you are not performing UP to your potential its only because they are not functioning well together. They dont need fixing, more confusing theories or concepts; they need to be re-aligned.

Heres a metaphor I use to demonstrate this. I call it the Elite Engine. A finely tuned racing engine is put together by using the best parts available. When those parts function together, the engine runs at peak efficiency. When those parts dont function together, the engine over works, loses energy and under performs. The parts are not in question, whats most important is whether they are working well together or not. You operate the same way. Your parts are already there and they are either working together or they are not. Why not go to the source (the Performance Laws) that puts them back in alignment more easily and more quickly?

To Your Best Golf!

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