Your Best Round Ever


Are you looking to play your best round ever? John, a good amateur golfer with a 12 handicap called me and one of his goals was to play his best round ever. When I asked him what his best round ever would be he wasnt exactly sure. He began to describe situations such as a bogey free round, hitting all the greens in regulation, consistency off the tee and sinking a few birdie putts.
That sounds great, I said. So, whats preventing you from attaining your best round ever? John thought for a moment and said, Im not sure. I know I have the game to play my best round. Im just not doing it and I dont know why. Have you ever come close to playing your best round ever? I asked. Yes, John replied. It seems whenever I get close or am having a great round, something always happens to get in the way or bring me back to reality.
Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found yourself playing one of your better rounds of golf, only to find that somewhere along the line the wheels begin to fall off? Its amazing isnt it? We can be rolling along with everything going nicely and thenbang! Something happens and what began as our best round of golf slowly or even quickly sometimes, turns into something else. The quest for that best round is all of a sudden derailed.
I describe Golf as a game of personal confronting. This means that it takes great awareness and the ability to face ourselves. When we understand that what goes in inside us effects our results; this becomes clearer. The only real competitor and the only real victory is the one we have with ourselves. In order to play your best round it is essential to use your mind, emotions and body effectively. In order to play your best rounds these three factors must be in synch. What goes on inside effects what goes on outside. You already have the proof of this in your own experience.
Weve all experienced a worst day on the golf course. Think back to one of your worst rounds, worst 9 holes or even worst hole. What were you thinking? What were your emotions? Did the wheels fall off? To get more clarity on the impact of the mind, body, emotion connection, answer the following as specifically as you can:
1. What specific things were you thinking?
2. What specific emotions did you experience?
3. What was the tension level in your body?
4. How, specifically did you handle adversity?
5. What was your level of trust at that time?
Your answers to these questions will reveal how you were using your mind, emotions and body and the impact they had on the outcomes your produced that day.
Weve all had a best day. Think back to the round you consider to be your best day. Why was this your best day? What were you doing that made it your best day? In order to help you break it downanswer the following questions as specifically as possible:
1. What was my mind focused on that day?
2. What emotions did I tend to experience that day?
3. What was the tension level in my bodyhigh or low?
4. How did I handle obstacles/adversity that day?
5. What was my level of trust/faith in my game that day?
Your answers to these questions can now help you develop an ideal performance platform that works for you because youve already done it. This platform helps you trigger the proper mindset, emotions, physical actions/behaviors and strategies for handling adversity.
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