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Every golfer I know wants to improve some aspect of their game and perform better this year than they did last year. Every new season is like spring training for baseball players and the teams they play for. Every team and every player begin the season with an undefeated record and dreams of playing in the World Series. For everyone the dream is a real possibility.
You can reach your goals this year if you prepare yourself to be successful. While the weather in many places is still not golf worthy; it will be very soon and golfers will once again appear on their favorite golf courses with the hopes and dreams of a new and improved season pulling them forward. Are you ready? Have you set yourself up for success this year? Even tour players and golfers who play for a living must prepare to be successful in order to actually BE successful. One of the key issues for those on the developmental tours is learning how to prepare for success. Many players have talent but if they dont prepare for success it can make their journey even more difficult.
You may not be a professional or even a professional wannabee but how you prepare for success this year is just as important for you as it is to the pro.
How are you preparing to be successful this year? Here are some suggestions you may want to consider:
Know where Your Going
Instead of hoping to be better this year, sit down and actually plan on how youre going to be better this year. What do you need to do? What part of your game needs to be better this year? Are you tired of under performing and want to do something about it? Be clear on what you want this year.
Be Assertive on Your Own Behalf
Your plan is of no value unless you actually DO something with it. Ive seen the best plans fall flat because folks just didnt follow through and take action or they gave up the moment something doesnt work out. For each of your goals or plans develop the action steps you will take to make them happen. What people or resources can help you get what you want? What excuses do you tend to make that prevent you from following through? I know from experience that clients are pleasantly surprised to discover the FlowZone program does help them get what they want because it focuses on the source that generates outcomes for everyone and there are no exceptions. They learn that the so-called mental game is not part of their game; it IS their game.
Be Flexible
It is important to monitor and track your progress to identify whats working for you and what is not. We already have our challenges and highs and lows so why make it more difficult than necessary? Ive witnessed golfers spend time and money on approaches and choices that leave them unsatisfied yet continue to make those choices time and again. If its not working for you be flexible enough to make adjustments. Are your choices helping your or limiting you? Flexibility is the key to success.
The mental game is not part of your IS your game!
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