Your Game Potential vs Kinetic Energy


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We all have tremendous potential but most of us play around the edge of it without actually tapping into it. Ive had the honor of working with both professional golfers and amateur golfers just like you, who make up the bulk of The Golf Channel readership. What I find in my work is that the golfers I speak to have the potential to play better golf but dont play up to their potential because they place obstacles in the way.
Science talks about this very thing when they discuss potential or kinetic energy. Science labels potential energy as energy that is stored or built up for later use (maybe). Kinetic energy is energy that is actually BEING USED.
Your ability to play your best golf also fits into these categories. Golfers build up great potential by gather information but often get stuck when it comes to using it to play their best. Here are some examples of potential and the obstacles we place in our way.
  • Gathering Information
Many golfers I know spend a lot of energy, time and money in the information gathering process. They read many books, articles or attend workshops or attend as many freebies as possible on how to play better golf. They also spend a lot of time and money on lessons. They like to START the process but something happens that prevents them from turning it into kinetic energy.
  • Lack of Action or Follow-through
Without action or follow through most people experience little or sporadic change in their games and the solution they often take for this is to find more information to take the place of the old information they have already gathered. This proves to be a dead end street. Lets face it, it doesnt matter what brilliant piece of information you hear or read, if you dont apply it for yourself it loses its meaning.
How many books, articles have you read? How many programs have you attended? How many times have you thought about it and not taken any action? (a popular one!)
Here are the three most common obstacles:
  • Fear that it wont work
In the FlowZone Golf approach its not a matter of things not working because the Laws we talk about are always working. For example, your golf swing is under the direct influence of a Law. Its called the Law of Physics. The golf ball will have a precise and predictable reaction to the way the face of the golf club strikes it. This Law is unwavering and undeniable. If you slice the ball too much you cannot say it is because the law doesnt work. It always works but you have to use it more effectively to get what you want.
  • Procrastination
Procrastination turns kinetic energy into stored potential faster than anything. Procrastination keeps us from doing what we know we should be doing. As long as we procrastinate, we are always in potential mode. Great potential is meaningless until we unleash it. Procrastinators think, I could have been or If I only
  • Poor Previous Experiences
I know many folks who use their poor previous experiences as their reasons for not taking action in the present. They think, It didnt work last time so it probably wont work this time. In essence, they use their past as the rationale for their present. These folks discover very quickly that the FlowZone Golf approach is unlike what theyve tried in the past because it does not rely on the same quick-fixes or nice stories theyve heard time and time again. They already have the proof that these things dont help them play better golf.
By the way, fear, doubt and negative memories will distract us from playing our best. Not only do they affect us on the course but off it as well.
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