Your Mind Is Already Great


When we speak of the Mind of a Champion we often refer to the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that champions demonstrate. While there are certain attitudes and beliefs a champion maintains that may be different from the golfer who struggles or under performs there is one thing that is the same. That is:
'The mind of a champion is no different than the mind of a person who struggles or under performs. Your mind is exactly the same as the champions mind.'
How do you react when you read this statement? Do you silently think I wish or That would be great but its not true! or anything along these lines? The truth is; your mind is no less or no more than anyone elses. It is a resource that has the capacity to be great or not. It has the capacity to negative or positive. Its not the mind that is one or the other; the mind is simply a resource that uses what you give it. What you give it makes all the difference. How we use the natural resource of the mind is up to us. Believe it or not, success and failure arise from the same mind. One person is successful and another may be a failure but both are using the same mind to create different results. You have the same mental capabilities as anyone else; whether they are a champion or not!
'The mind, with all of its natural resources and capabilities is unlimited. The only limitations the mind has are those each of us put upon it.'
James, a 14 handicap spoke to me last year and said he felt he could play better golf but wasnt doing so and that he was very frustrated. He said he read all the material on Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Annika Sorenstam to see what a champion does mentally that is different than him. He struggled trying to adopt the mindsets he read about and it just wasnt working for him. I asked him if he believed Tiger, Vijay or Annika had something he didnt. He replied Sure they do, their minds are better than mine. Theres your challenge. I said to James. What do you mean? he countered. Well, it seems to me you believe their minds are somehow better than yours and that you need to do something to make your mind as good theirs. What would you say if I told you that your mind is already as good as theirsin fact its the same? Id say youre nuts! James charged.
Are you willing to investigate a little further I asked. Sure James said.
What makes you think your mind has any fewer resources than someone elses? You have the ability to think, to be conscious, to make conscious choices and to see things optimistically by using your mind. Do you think your mind has less of an ability to do these things than someone else? Well, no. I guess my mind can do every one of those things too. James replied. The only difference between your mind and theirs is HOW YOU USE IT. I responded.
Remember, the true essence of the mental game includes the mind, the body and the emotions. They are all connected and they are constantly communicating with each other which is why you are influenced by them 100% of the time. There is no getting around this. Everything happens from within first. Your results, your anger/emotions, tension/relaxation levels, optimism/pessimism, enjoyment/frustration and so on are triggered from within. Your mind is capable of thinking the same thoughts that champions think. Your natural resource is already available!
Lets see how you are using your natural resource. Answer the following:
  1. When you face adversity; do you see trouble or opportunity?

  3. When you make a poor shot do you think Im no good or so what?

  5. When you face birdie putts do you think I hope I make this! or this is fun. I love this?

  7. When you bogey the first hole do you think Darn it, there goes my round or Ok; no problem. Lets get back on track right now?
You have the same ability to use your natural resource as anyone does. How are you using it?
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