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Golf has often been called the quintessential mind game and golfers prove it every day all over the world. They know something is wrong and cant put their finger on how to fix it. Many of my clients contact me with the belief they are broken in some fashion. This may sound funny but the words they use back this up and because they think they are broken, they assume they need to be fixed. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are not broken and you dont need to fix yourself.
Arnold, a 15 handicapper called me last week and the conversation went like this, Hi, Im Arnold and I want to play better golf and I know Im my own worst enemy. Ive tried a number of different mental game things but Im still getting in my own way. Can you help? Im happy to help, I replied. How are you getting in your own way? I asked. This is when most clients roll out their stories and attempt to prove how broken they really are. Its interesting how convincing they can be and how adamant they are about it. Arnold wasnt any different. Well, there are many things I need to fix about my game. Just yesterday I was playing and found myself losing confidence after missing a fairway, and then I missed a short putt that made me angry and started talking to myself in a very negative way. Ive read all the books out there and I know Im not supposed to do that but Im still not playing the way I know I can. I know theres a lot I need to fix.
There it is'the fix word. What Arnold, and so many others are saying is I need fixing. This may come as a surprise to you Arnold but I can tell you that you dont need fixing. You make it sound like your broken somehow and youre not. The first thing Im going to ask you to consider is that you already have everything you need to get what you want and theres nothing to fix. Really? he said. Really I answered. Its not a matter of trying to fix all these things youve mentioned or fixing yourself. Its a matter of putting your mind, body and emotions back working together. When you do that'all the other things you think need fixing will begin to subside.
The notion that golfers need to fix something is pretty wide spread and it reveals itself in the way they talk about their games and themselves. Fixing a swing flaw with new mechanics is one thing, fixing yourself is quite another. Remember, youre not broken. If you think you are broken I believe thats a fundamentally incorrect assessment to begin with. If you think you are broken youll try anything you can to fix yourself and this is what leads to the ongoing search so many golfers undertake. Why not change that misperception and realize that you DO already have all the tools you need and that you were never broken in the first place! When Arnold made this very subtle but powerful shift in philosophy he was able to learn the FlowZone insights far more quickly and with greater impact on his game. Its amazing what happens to us when give up the notion that we are flawed or broken. Its very freeing.
Do you think youre broken in some way? Do you spend time or money trying to fix yourself? Youre not broken and you dont need to fix yourself. When you put your mind, body and emotions back in sync, you will function at a higher level and perform up to your potential. The Meta-Performance Laws and Insights taught in the FlowZone program are designed to do just that.
To Your Best Golf!
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