He Said


This was a hard show for me to accept. I had been sitting for two episodes and had watched two of the best players fall. We had given the momentum to the other team, and it was my fault! I should've played in episode two. We would have dominated and been able to keep the momentum on our side, and I wouldn't have gotten a strike. That episode gave the girls hope. A funny thing about hope is it leads to faith, and with faith comes the belief that anything is possible!

At breakfast that morning, I had to keep the boys focused on the task at hand and not the bull the girls were spreadin', even though it makes good fertilizer!

I wasn't worried about A-Rod or Football. Brian was starting to buy-in to our philosophy. All I had to do was take care of my end.

We were unsure as to the health of Sara and how she would be able to perform. But I knew from experience to 'beware the wounded warrior'. Also, I knew my wedge game was better, and I needed to bring it to the challenges in front of us. And I did! But it wasn't enough, and we lost to the girls again!

When Sara picked me, I knew I was in trouble. My game was still very weak, and the head of my favorite driver had broken again, so I was feeling completely defenseless. Not only was Sara a better player than me, the holes were much easier and wider from the angle at her tee box. It was like taking candy from a baby. That's why I decided to cry in this blog.

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