Since Weve Been Gone the sequel


I'm following the Town of Marana on the social media site 'Twitter.' For the uninitiated, Twitter allows you to give updates in 140 characters in length as to what you're doing at any given moment. I figured I might get tweet by tweet action of Tiger's every Marana move, or perhaps some inside information into the how the locals are gearing up for the Second Coming.
I learned that the town council had a meeting scheduled on Tuesday to discuss water rates and I did see that Tiger has a 12:02 local tee time. But beyond that, not much in the way of T-Dub tracking. So, I took matters into my own hands and called up the locals.
After a good number of rings, the folks at 'El Burrito' in Tucson finally picked up the phone. They told me they were unaffected by the return of the Chosen One to the area, and ended the call letting me know I was interrupting their dinner time.
'Battery City' was unimpressed, as well, that the World's No. 1 would be in town this week. 'Meh,' said the employee who answered the phone. 'If Tiger comes in and needs batteries. We'll sell 'em to him. But it's no big deal.'
Not exactly charged up.
However, I persevered. And I found other businesses in the Tucson area were noticeably excited and had felt the 'buzz' spread through the community following Tiger's announcement last week. Bashas Grocery' - located near the entrance of Dove Mountain - manager Randy Williams was noticeably excited.

Editor's note: The last time a So Noted blog was published, it was June 2008. After Thursday's hit the interwebs, our team member Dena Davis miraculously came out of her Tiger injury-induced writer's coma. The Second Coming of Eldrick was apparently the necessary to suddenly bring her to full conscious golf awareness.
It's the big Comeback
First, Junior Griffey announces his return to sweet home Seattle, then Dr. John Carter walks thru the sliding doors of Chicago ER after years, and now this! I get T-Dubs mainlined into my veins, surging into my pulmonary system in fist-pumping fast fashion.
For the next five days, I will post a video a day of Tiger Woods swing, because it is f-ing awesome and there isn't anything more pretty unless Megan Fox wanted to take me to dinner in a sun dress.
Charged up
Marana rhymes with?
Battery City doesn't care. 'Meh, if Tiger comes in and needs batteries. We sell them to him. No big deal.'
Bashas Grocery is looking forward to it. Noticable buzz.
People who, are sad pandas about the famous feline's return.
-Philly Cheese

- Alex Rodriguez
- Elin Woods -- Relieved to get her husband out of the house so she can stop yelling at him for breaking her vases when swinging his clubs. Wait, do we know if she even speaks?
- Obama --
- Mayor of Marana
- the color red
- the Detroit Tigers -- google searches for 'Tiger' might accidentally bring people to their site.

Things are shaping up to be pretty odds
Tiger's now a favorite. Some prop bets...
Pair-Shaped World
Sudden Death Holes:
Yo or yo not, there is no Ty
I liked the Ryo Ishikawa story better when it was called Ty Tryon.
Goodnight, Canada

We Got To Get Down to Beantown
Gosh, whatever will those poor, long-suffering Boston fans do now that the Pats, Sawks, and Cs have all won titles recently? Looks like the Bruins Got Next! Anythiiiiings possiiiiiiible? Maybe. But Ray Borque is NOT walking thru that door. (And Tiger is not watching hockey?)
Reason #141 Kobe Bryant will never be Michael Jordan
The league's MVP was shut down by James Posey in do-or-die elimination Finals Game 6. Read that again. James Posey. Even Tiger Woods wouldnt let that happen On a gimp knee.

Knowing is Half the Battle
Okay, so heres what we know from this week: Rocco Mediate is the new Paul Goydos. Allisen Corpuz is the next Michelle Wie. Tiger Woods is the Michael Jordan of golf. Paul Pierce (and his knee) was the Tiger Woods of the Finals. Now, whos going to be Tiger Woods of golf for the rest of the year? Paging Anthony Kim, paging Lorena Ochoa?
Fiesta, Forever
Is it almost time to commence the Senorita Slam talk again as we get closer to the Womens U.S. Open in Sota next week! Well, no. Or is it? Just a couple of months ago, you couldnt mention Lorena or Tiger without using the words ridiculous dominance and/or grand slams. Now, its just our fair maiden left on the golf landscape to take up the task and shes defending her title at the Wegmans this week. Itll be a nice warm-up to the next major at Interlachen. And for someone whos been on her bandwagon all year, I dont mind admitting I would love to get a chance to ride it to Berkshire, England with the U.S. Open trophy in tow. The great state of Sota boasts thousands of lakes for her to splash victoriously into, Kraft Nabisco-style, you know.
I Can Cry For Miles and Miles
So, Willie Randolph has to travel 3,000 miles to the west coast to get his head handed to him... while the Los Angeles Lakers have to fly clear across country to Boston for their series-ending bloodbath. Moral of the story? PGA Tour players should consider saving their extra baggage fees in crossing the pond to make their tee time at Royal Birkdale when Tiger's posted as a 2:1 favorite there on Tuesday. Wait, what? Tigers really not coming back this year?
Reality starting to set inin 3, 2, 1 I shall now go cry in the shower. Sob, Rinse, Repeat.
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