Temper once got Spieth disqualified at age 11


Anyone who plays golf at any level has a story about a short temper or a thrown club.

That includes Jordan Spieth, who spoke before the Deutsche Bank Championship about working with his coach, Cameron McCormick, to turn a short fuse into a longer one. And it led to a story about what he considers his shortest fuse in any sport at any age.

It was golf, of course. He was 11.

He told of slamming his putter into his bag and when he took it out on the next hole, he noticed it was bent. What he didn't know was Rule 4-3b on using a club that has been damaged other than the normal course of play.

''I think I made three birdies in the last six holes with a bent putter, and I was so excited about it,'' Spieth said. ''I was telling my dad after the round, 'Look, I bent my putter, I finished with three birdies, I'm still in this thing.'''

He said his father called the assistant pro at the club - without Spieth's knowledge - and the next day, Spieth was invited into his office.

''And they opened the rule book and it showed disqualification,'' Spieth said. ''I was just absolutely torn apart.''

He said that remains his only disqualification. But he's still working on the fuse.