Story behind Summerhays' 'Sweet Love' putter


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The putter of Daniel Summerhays is known as ''Sweet Love.'' The broom didn't have a nickname.

Both are loosely connected to the two years that Summerhays spent on a Mormon mission to Chile when he was 19 and attending BYU.

''I did not touch a club for two years in that span,'' Summerhays said at the Memorial, where he lost a 54-hole lead and tied for 10th. ''I remember the very first house that I lived in the first seven months that I was there. It wasn't a wood hut, but it was a two-bedroom house made completely of wood.''

So one morning in the spring, Summerhays took out the broom, removed the head and added duct tape to be able to at least make the motion of a swing. That was the extent of his ''golf'' while on his mission.

''It took me about six months to get back to where I was before I left in college,'' he said.

As for the putter?

Summerhays always has been a good putter, but this one round was particularly strong. He said it was his first competitive event after returning from Chile, and after opening with a score in the mid-70s, he couldn't miss on his way to a 65.

''I was making everything,'' he said. ''And not just short (putts). I was making 20-, 25-footers.''

That's when he said to his coach at BYU, ''Coach, the putter is making sweet love to me.'' And the nickname stuck. He still refers to his putter that way, even though he has switched out plenty of putters over the years.