U.S. team tries Korean barbecue; Rickie eats it all


INCHEON, South Korea – Both teams were treated to a Korean barbecue on Tuesday night, only it wasn't what they expected.

Not for Jordan Spieth, who's from Texas. Or from Bill Haas, who grew up in South Carolina. Barbecue takes on a different meaning in those states than in South Korea.

''It was delicious. We had a good time last night. It was a good dinner,'' Spieth said. ''There was no barbecue sauce, which is normally a game-changer.''

Asked for the strangest item on the menu, Spieth couldn't say.

''There were a few things that I'm not sure what they were and I didn't touch them,'' he said.

Apparently, the expert is Rickie Fowler.

''Rickie took down just about everything and licked the bowl,'' Spieth said.

On the other end of the spectrum was Bubba Watson.

''It was fun hearing Bubba. He doesn't eat a whole lot of that stuff,'' Haas said. ''So hearing him talk about the food and what he's used to ... it was just all entertaining.''