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Webb Simpson ball flight

Every golfer has struggled through days when they're hitting hooks or slices on the course. But do you have a plan for fixing the issue after your round? Read More

BBA Improvement Plan 304

As SwingFix instructor Ed Oldham explains, improving your golf game this year will happen most effectively if you have a dedicated plan in place. Read More

Lower Scores 304

SwingFix instructor Ed Oldham discusses four common mistakes that you can eliminate from your game that will lead to lower scores. Read More

Ed Oldham Swing Analysis

It's easy for golfers to sway off the ball and feel like they're making a good turn, but problems are the usual result as is explained by SwingFix pro Ed Oldham. Read More

BBA Goals 304

Have you established your golf-related goals for 2013? You should do that soon, and SwingFix Ed Oldham has some tips to help you with the process. Read More

Jim Furyk Putting 304

In 2012, Jim Furyk only 3-putted 26 times in 1,512 holes on the PGA Tour. Just imagine what numbers like that would do for your scores. Read More

Keegan Bradley Offseason

Even if it's getting cold where you live, SwingFix pro Ed Oldham does not wanting you putting those clubs away just yet. There's still work to be done. Read More

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