She Said


Hello everyone. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Today I am recapping what I was feeling and thinking throughout the whole show.  During the Ladder Challenge, I was feeling incredible; to me, this was my favorite challenge of the entire show. That day we worked together as a team and got into such a great rhythm that we just flowed through it. We actually set a Big Break record - beating the previous record by one shot – with Brenda’s drive. I have to say that there were some points throughout the challenge that we thought we were done. The most nerve-racking moment for me was right after I hit my shot 104 yards. Then Lori proceeded to hit her shot, and we thought it was short, but it was 104 yards and 3 inches. That was the best moment, because we finally got luck to go our way. After losing by one second and one point in the first episode, it was our turn to get some good luck. In the end, everything worked out, and we won the first team challenge.

The second team challenge was fun, but a little harder because we had to hit a ball to a part of the green that we couldn’t see from the hitting area. Lori set us up with a good shot, but it was in a lower section of the green that wasn’t visible and very close to the fringe, so we had to hit a blind shot. I was upset at myself for not hitting a better shot. I didn’t judge the wind very well, I hit it too high, and the wind just took my ball. I now know that I need to visualize my shots a little better. The highlight of the challenge was the shot that Sara hit which won it for our team. WOO HOO!

Now we have the advantage in the Benching Challenge. It was between Christina and I to go in, and we went with me, yay! I am excited to play and get some experience in the Benching Challenges. I am sad that we are not able to play because of the rain, but I am still confident that I can go out there and play my game and win. I chose one of the stronger competitors, Andrew, because with a win, it will be a big hit to the men’s team. Not to mention the fact that Andrew has been stirring up the pot and causing un-needed drama. It will feel good to just shut him up! I am looking forward to playing in the next episode! I am not going to think about it too much. I am just going to get a good night’s rest and go out and play my game, staying in the process and sticking to my routine. I cannot control the results; the only thing I can control is the way I react to things. Thanks again for all the support, and I am looking to keep the good momentum going for the Glossy Posse, wish me luck!

God Bless,

Elena “Lani” Robles