Adams Golf announces newest lineup of products


Adams Golf announced its newest lineup of products: Speedline FAST 10 drivers and Speedline FAST 10 fairway woods. The drivers are designed to increase club head speed, resulting in up to 15 more yards in carry distance. The fairway woods feature customizable precision milled sole plates for greater distance out of a variety of lies.

Speedline Drivers
As with the entire Speedline brand, the patent-pending aerodynamic shaping of the third-generation FAST 10 driver refines the technology to create 10 percent less drag and airflow turbulence than previous models, resulting in up to 15 yards more yards of carry distance. Design improvements include a 100 percent increase in toe curvature and a 300 percent decrease in the heel curvature for even more efficient and stable airflow attachment around the club head. The new features reduce drag throughout the swing for a faster club head speed that generates more distance than previous models, all with 10 percent higher MOI.

'The success of the Speedline series clearly shows that the benefits of a driver head with aerodynamic shaping which delivers increased distance has resonated with golfers of all playing abilities,' said Chip Brewer, president and CEO of Adams Golf. 'Now, with the launch of Speedline FAST 10 as the third-generation of this technology, we have furthered our lead in this exciting new category of drivers.'

Speedline drivers have collected eight tour wins since their introduction in January 2009.

Speedline FAST 10 Fairway Woods
The easy-to-hit Speedline FAST 10 fairway woods were developed with precision milled sole plates and premium aesthetics to appeal to players of all levels. The patent-pending design of the Speedline FAST 10 woods feature strategically placed weight pads to match the swing characteristics of different golfers: the standard model weight pad is positioned back for a higher launch; the draw model weight pad is positioned in the heel. The Speedline FAST 10 fairway woods also have a 57 percent increase in the sole camber for more consistent ball striking and enhanced playability from all types of lies. The unparalleled technology of the Speedline FAST 10 woods has already made it into the bags of Adams Golf staff members Tom Watson and Aaron Baddeley.

'We've consistently seen tour pros switching to our fairway woods because of their increased playability,' says Tim Reed, Vice President of Research and Development for Adams Golf. 'There was no disputing the consistent ball striking and increased distance they saw when they put it into play. With the launch of the Speedline FAST 10, everyday golfers will now be able to experience the longest and easiest-to-hit fairway wood we have ever designed.'