Adams Golf's Super S irons 'perform like hybrids'


More than any other equipment maker, Adams Golf has made hybrid clubs the core of its equipment development and the club around which it builds entire sets. So it was not surprising when technicians from the Plano, Texas, company said they have incorporated all that they have learned from their hybrids over the years in the new Idea Super S irons.

“These clubs perform like hybrids, while still having the look and feel of irons,” said Justin Girard, senior design engineer for Adams Golf. “They give golfers the best of both worlds.”

Girard said that part of that comes from the Super S’s so-called half-hollow construction, which is designed to produce an iron with better stability at impact for less clubhead rotation.

That is intended to lead to greater accuracy, as well as forgiveness on mis-hits. In addition, he adds, that feature allows engineers to more efficiently distribute the mass of the clubhead to enhance the launch angle.

According to Girard, the Super S irons also boast a face that is 20 percent thinner, which is made to increase ball speed for better distance. A new and improved shaping is intended to give the irons more enviable balance, too, while an undercut design has been created to provide better feel and performance, especially with regards to making it easier to hit the longer irons longer and more accurately.

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