Adams' new hybrid pushes USGA limits


Adams Golf engineers continue to work on ways to make their signature hybrids hotter, and the latest evidence of that comes with the recent release of the Idea Tech V4. This club features what company officials dub “Cut-Thru” technology, with so-called velocity slots in the crown and sole and a channel cut through the head of the club from the top slot to the bottom.

Those features are designed to allow for even more face deflection at impact and a CT (Characteristic Test) that is said to approach U.S. Golf Association limits, making it comparable to that of most drivers. A TPU insert is used to improve feel and sound.

Club designers at Adams say they are able to optimize the velocity slot technology in the Idea Tech V4 hybrids by isolating each slot-shaping parameter, adding that these clubs boast 67 more flexion than standard hybrids.

“With the refined velocity slots, we were able to produce a CT around 240, which is what golfers find in today’s drivers,” says Justin Girard, senior design engineer at Adams. “This is something the industry hasn’t seen before in a standard, stainless steel hybrid, and the increased CT will deliver a higher launch angle and higher ball speeds.”

The V4 hybrids are sold individually and also as sets with new Idea Tech V4 irons. The individual hybrids are available in six lofts, from 2H, which is 17 degrees, to 7H, which measures out at 32. Adams offers a forged set, featuring a 3H, 4H and 5H as well as forged 8620 carbon steel irons with nickel plating, from 6-iron through PW. Another option is the all hybrid set, which runs from 4H to GW. Both sets come with a premium, non-glare PVD finish.

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