Adidas sunglasses have plenty of features


It’s not surprising to learn that Dustin Johnson is particular about the clubs he carries in his bag. After all, that’s how players of that caliber are. But what might not be so apparent is how fastidious he is about the sunglasses he wears when he competes. They provide clarity as he tries to discern breaks on greens and slopes on fairways. They also offer protection from the searing sunlight he so often battles.

These days, Johnson is sporting the new Tourpro sunglasses from Adidas Eyewear, and one thing he says he likes about these shades – which are designed and manufactured for the equipment maker by the highly regarded Silhouette International of Austria – is their adjustability.

That’s primarily a result of an ergonomic frame and temple design with three adjustment options that allows him to click them slightly up or down, or leave them in the middle. “We think that is a great feature for golfers to be able move their lens as the sun moves during the day,” said Brendan McLaughlin, marketing services manager for Tourpros. “Some also like that they can adjust the lens down when they are putting.”

According to McLaughlin, another fit feature is the two-way, adjustable bridge on the nose, with each one movable to open and closed positions. “They allow you to get a really personalized fit,” he said. “Some players leave both sides open or closed. And others feel best when one side is open, and the other is closed.”

Another attribute is the utter lack of screws, which means nothing on the glasses can come loose. And they are designed to hold firmly and consistently on the top of the head if a player slips them up there.

The lenses – as is the case with eyewear in general – are the most important aspect of these glasses. These contrast-enhancing LST (Light Stabilizing Technology) lenses are made to protect eyes from harsh conditions.

“These lenses help me identify every detail,” says Johnson. “When I am reading my putts, I can see all the little slopes in the green as well, if not better, than I can without them.”

Particular, indeed.

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