Bridge to comfort: FootJoy's HyperFlex shoe


Call these the bridge to better golf - or at least more comfortable golf.

FootJoy's newest creation, the HyperFlex, will be of particular interest to those golf fans in Boston.

Per FootJoy: "The FlexGrid system begins with a base layer that consists of a tight-knit, lightweight, soft, flexible, waterproof mesh which allows for maximum comfort, breathability, flexibility and airflow. That layer is (literally) supported by the very noticeable FlexGrid exoskeleton "cage" which conforms to the foot and allows it to flex and expand but is also strong enough to keep the foot from rolling laterally during the golf swing. The end result is a very unique shoe that wraps your foot in the comfort you expect from an athletic shoe with the support of a high-performance golf shoe."

What does anything of this have to do with Boston, or bridges, for that matter? The inspiration behind the show comes from the the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, which non-Bostonians may simply know as the bridge next to the TD Bank Garden, home of the Celtics and Bruins.

FootJoy's promotional spot for the shoe and its video explanation of the bridge's influence both appear below: