Bridgestone discovers new component for B330 line


Water is one of the key components of Bridgestone’s new B330 golf ball line. Yes, water. That’s because company engineers discovered during product testing that by adding water to the core formulation of a prototype ball, it produced 30 percent more gradation.

According to Corey Consuegra, director of golf ball marketing at Bridgestone Golf, that increase allowed for greater spin reduction from the inner and outer region of the core and boosted distance while improving accuracy.

Company engineers call that innovation “Hydro Core” and employ it in the four models they recently released under the B330 aegis. Two of those – the B330 and B330-S – are four-piece products geared for better players with swing speeds above 105 mph and utilizing Bridgestone’s Dual Dimple Technology. The B330 is for those looking for greater distance, while the “S” version is aimed at golfers desiring more greenside spin.

As for the B330-RX and B330-RXS balls, they are three-piece, urethane-covered offerings and also use Dual Dimple technology. These models are targeted at players with swing speeds below 105 miles per hour. Once again, the “S” version is designed to impart optimal greenside spin, while the regular RX edition is for the player craving added distance.