Cleveland debuts new Smart Square putter


While Cleveland Golf is best known for its wedge lines, the California clubmaker also has a presence in putters. Consider, for example, the new Smart Square, which the company brought out this month.

According to Cleveland engineers, the key performance attribute of the Smart Square is the so-called Dual Axis Alignment. That technology utilizes two squares to create parallel lines that are designed to frame the ball at address and provide a clear, visual path to the hole. Those same squares also generate two perpendicular lines that show when the Smart Square is misaligned, even if by a fraction of a degree.

In addition, those officials say, the Smart Square is made to promote consistent roll, thanks to a copolymer face insert that enhances sound and feel as well. The putter also boasts high moment of inertia to minimize distance loss on off-center hits.

Cleveland is offering the Smart Square in three versions. There are both heel- and center-shafted models in the standard length of 35 inches. And then the company is selling a 39-incher, dubbed the Almost Belly, with a head that has 40 grams more weight, and a grip that is 2½ times heavier. The idea with this option is to create counterbalanced weighting that adds stroke stability and consistency. But without anchoring.