Want to feel like a VS model? Cobra's Baffler XL set may help


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to become a better golfer, ladies, Cobra Golf may have just the thing you need. Because the Cobra Baffler XL driver, fairway woods, hybrids and iron combo set will help you both look and play the part.

Before I even get to the performance aspect of the clubs, let’s take a few moments to marvel at their beauty.


Still marveling? I don’t blame you. And guess what? They’re even prettier in person.

The women’s Baffler XL clubs come in purple pearl with dahlia purple accents and are pur-fectly put together. When you get your paws on them, you'll probably purr. (Do I have you convinced yet?) If not, how's this: Everytime you pull them out of your trunk, you'll feel like you just stepped off the Victoria's Secret runway - you'll be the center of attention, all eyes will be on you and your gorgeous clubs, and men and women everywhere will "ooooh" and "ahhhh" in your direction. That will, in turn, work wonders for your confidence.

And if these clubs can boost your mood (they can) simply with their good looks, imagine what their latest and greatest technology can do for your game.

A few of the key technology components include the largest ever driver face, making it easier than ever before to hit it long and straight; a low center of gravity and shallow face design in the woods and hybrids, providing forgiveness, greater distance and consistency on off-center hits; and a wide rail sole and deep uppercut in the irons to help improve turf interaction while promoting a high trajectory.

Good looks and tech-savvy? That, ladies, is what we call a no-brainer. Happy New Year and here's to more fairways and greens in your future. Cheers!

To purchase a set of your very own Cobra Baffler XL clubs, click here. Or for more information, visit the Cobra Golf website. If you want to check out the Baffler XL clubs for men, read about them here.