Cut-Thru Slot drives new Adams XTD clubs


The folks from Adams Golf make their XTD line for better golfers, and this fall the equipment maker is releasing a new series of offerings under that appellation. Justin Honea, senior director of research and development at Adams, says the series sets new benchmarks for forgiveness and ball-speed generation.

Start with the XTD driver. Honea says that Adams redefined the manufacturing process for this product by testing each head four times to ensure the hottest permissible face within regulatory limits, and the tightest tolerances.

In addition, he explains, these XTDs feature Cut-Thru Slot technology, which increases face flex and expands the sweet spot to produce greater ball speeds on off- and on-center hits.

As for the XTD Ti fairways and hybrids, they utilize titanium faces and crowns as well as Cut-Thru Slot technology and progressive face thickness to redistribute mass and provide greater face speeds as well. The center of gravity in these clubs is optimally low, Honea says, so players find it easier to get their shots airborne. The XTD Ti fairways and hybrids also boast a sleeve for face-angle adjustability, from 1½ inches open to 1½ inches closed.

Then, there are the XTD irons, which employ a multipiece forging as well as what Honea describes as that category’s first implementation of Cut-Thru Slot technology. A floating face and hollow design is made to deliver a consistently faster face, as it adds forgiveness throughout the face. Tungsten weights in the sole are made to optimize CG location.

The full set includes Adams 3- and 4-DHy hybrids, which are used extensively on the PGA Tour and designed to provide the extra distance and forgiveness of a hybrid with the shot-shaping control of a long iron.