Fashion: Ashworth launches #PantsPetition


We spend our entire golfing lives wanting to be like the pros, but in Ashworth's latest campaign, turns out the PGA Tour players want to be just like us.

That's right – the pros want to drop their pants and pick up shorts.

In this two-minute video, Justin Rose asks us to think of shorts as 'tiny trousers' or 'micro microfibers.' Johnson Wagner professes: 'I like the way the wind tickles my leg hair. It makes me happy.'

For golf's sake, these guys say, it's time to change the age-old tradition of male Tour players being required to wear pants on the golf course.

Check out this video below and if pros wearing pants has your panties in a bunch, head to the Ashworth website and sign their pants petition to be entered to win an outfit from Ashworth Golf's summer collection.

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