Get a grip


ORLANDO, Fla. – One of the big pushes for 2010 at the PGA demo days is to improve distance by decreasing the grip weight.

With this in mind Winn Grips is releasing the Winn Lite, which cuts the weight of the grip by 25 percent and allows for more clubhead speed.

A number of the people manning the Winn booth say the increased swing weight is not a factor and most people enjoy feeling the weight of the head through the ball. They do admit that this is not for everyone.

Golf Pride on the other hand feels that they are not a 'fad' company and will stick to what they know works. Their feeling is that the increase in swing weight may generate more clubhead speed and distance, but also decreases a players accuracy.

They are pushing the new Tour Wrap G2 which changes the material their classic Tour wrap uses to increase tackiness and decrease wear.

The Winn Lite is on its way to the market, while you will have to wait until March to get the Tour Wrap G2.