Good Vibrations


Titleist has updated its popular AP iron models. The multi-material irons, both dual cavity designs, will incorporate more tuned-in feel features, Titleist says.

The AP1 (the moniker stands for advanced performance) generates a higher ball flight and more shot forgiveness than its brother. The thinner face and larger cavity help with this, as does the hefty tungsten-nickel sole. There’s also a combined aluminum-elastomer shock absorption mechanism behind the face; Titleist calls it the Tuned Feel System. The idea is to banish the unwanted vibrations so that only the good-feeling feedback makes it up to the player’s hands. This feature goes back to the original plan for the AP line: Titleist said consumer research convinced the company to make performance irons that felt good, instead of clubs that worked well at the expense of feel.

The AP2 is the forged model, which Titleist figures will appeal to more skilled players. It also has a cavity-back design, the tungsten-nickel sole and the Tuned Feel System. But the slightly shorter head is closer to the classis shapes most skilled players grew up with, and the sole design is cambered in a way that encourages creative shotmaking.