New FootJoy FreeStyle shoe inspired by tree frog


FootJoy's new FreeStyle line of shoes was inspired by an unusual source – a tree frog.

But after all, what makes a tree frog stand out – flexible, good grip, colorful – are also key to a great golf shoe.

The FreeStyle shoe ($190) achieves these features with a breathable performance mesh (two-year waterproof protection), extreme cushioning (with a slip-resistance in the heel) and support (an achilles pad to hopefully prevent those nasty blisters).

Even the outsole is an acronym for frog – F.R.O.G.S. = FJ's Revolutionary Outsole Grip System.

And, yes, the shoes are colorful. The FreeStyle comes in combos of navy/orange/lime, along with the more traditional black/white/grey and white/grey/charcoal.

And like last year's Hyperflex line, there is a BOA version of the FreeStyle shoe, which allows for small amounts of tightening via a round dial in the heel to get a perfect fit. The BOA line ($210) comes in grey/navy/berry and black/lime/grey.

Both shoes will be available on February 15.