Nike Golf introduces the SQ MachSpeed iron


Nike Golf has introduced what it claims to be the fastest and longest irons the company has ever developed to date - the Nike SQ MachSpeed irons.

Due in stores on February 25, 2010, the SQ MachSpeed irons represent three key functions: speed, stability and launch. Speed leads to distance. Stability leads to forgiveness. And launch leads to functionality. The key advantage for golfers with the SQ MachSpeed irons is that they combine a high launch with increased distance.

'With MachSpeed, we've developed a very fast iron through new and dynamic construction that works,' said Tom Stites, Director of Club Creation for Nike Golf. 'This iron is all about helping golfers increase their ball speed in order to generate distance. Our patented PowerBow technology allows golfers to launch the ball high and increase distance - a perfect combination to improving your game.'

To achieve speed and distance, the two-piece SQ MachSpeed irons have a higher CT (Characteristic Time) in the wider areas on the face resulting in faster ball speeds and longer distance. The new game-improvement irons feature a combination of AM 355 alloy and an off-the-face weld construction that creates a thinner, hotter face and a wider sweet zone. The new SQ MachSpeed construction offers an extremely hot center area that expands lower on the face where the ball is more likely to be in contact to prevent a decrease in distance.

The SQ MachSpeed irons provide stability and forgiveness because of Nike's PowerBow technology. Nike's PowerBow technology was first introduced in its earliest SQ product, the SasQuatch driver in 2006. The PowerBow creates an extremely deep center of gravity and provides a wider sweet spot.

Completing the three key functions of the Nike SQ MachSpeed irons is the launch capability. The SQ MachSpeed features a deep undercut behind the face, which repositions 50 grams of weight out and back to the PowerBow for high launching shots that travel far and land softly.