Odyssey unveils bold new putters


Prolific may be the best way to describe the putter makers at Odyssey Golf. They continue to roll out bold new models and build on a franchise that recorded 37 wins across the major professional golf tours last year.

Start with its new line of White Hot Pro putters. “We took our most popular insert on tour and engineered it for better overall performance and consistency,” said Austie Rollinson, principal designer at Odyssey Golf, adding that the equipment maker does that mostly through the employment of a new laser milling process. That allows them to achieve extremely tight tolerance, he said, and to better match insert shapes to the various White Hot Pro head shapes.

According to Rollinson, a full line of White Hot Pro putter styles is available in various head shapes, including the #1, #7, #5, #2 Center Shaft, #9, 2-Ball, D.A.R.T. and Rossie. In addition, Odyssey is introducing a couple of new head shapes for 2013, one of which is a high MOI (Moment of Inertia) mallet and a smaller version of the D.A.R.T., called D.A.R.T. Mini.

The putters all feature a Gun Metal PVD finish. And the two D.A.R.T. models, as well as the 2-Ball, boast an adjustable weighting system that allow golfers to change the head weight of standard-weight offerings from 350 grams to 360 or 370 grams.

At the same time, Odyssey is unveiling the Tank, a counter-balanced, high-MOI putter that is designed to provide greater stability through the putting stroke. Also, according to Rollinson, it offers the benefits of anchoring without having to be anchored. He said that redistribution of weight in the club is what bolsters MOI here.

And by utilizing a counterbalance weight and making the head and shaft heavier, Odyssey has found a way to consistently quiet the hands of golfers, so they may more easily create the sort of pendulum strokes that are so key to good putting.

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