Puma releases TitanTour, the coolest shoe in golf


The word "cool" seems to have lost a little bit of its luster over the years.

Cool as a cucumber, cool beans, Kool-Aid, Kool and the Gang ... you get the idea.

So when Puma announced that their latest shoe, the Titan Tour, is the coolest shoe in golf, it was easy to be a little bit skeptical. But after testing out the new footwear made for the PGA Tour, it's hard to argue against the claim. They live up to the "coolness" hype in every way imaginable, and not just because the shoes arrived in my office with a box full of freeze-dried ice cream.

Outlast Certified Space Technology is the key to keeping the shoe cool. Originally developed for NASA to maintain a comfortable temperature in spacesuits, Puma Golf placed it throughout the shoe to absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. A good rule of thumb for golf is that if you're worried about the temperature of your feet on the course, that's probably the least of your problems. I never once thought about the temperature of my feet while wearing these, and it translated to my score.

Other great features of the Titan Tour are the ultra-thin frame which increases flexibility, extra external heel support to help with stability and Shape Lock memory foam for a customized fit and cushioning on every step.

The Titan Tour is available in seven color combinations - black/white, white/vibrant orange, white/strong blue, white/gray violet, brown/mustang, white/black and the new flash colorway, made of reflective material. The shoe also comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee, and though I've only worn them once, I can say that it did rain and my feet stayed perfectly dry.

But don't just take my word for it, listen to someone who is actually good at golf in the video below:

The Puma Titan Tour shoes ($190) will hit golf retailers on Februrary 1. For more information or to pre-order, check out Puma Golf online. They will also be available at Golf Galaxy