Pure grips have cord benefits without drawbacks


Now in its fourth year of operation, Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Pure grips continues to bring new products to market, most recently in the form of the DTX, which it created with golf instructor Hank Haney, and the Classic Putter.

The DTX is designed to provide the benefits of a corded grip without any of the drawbacks that come when that material absorbs sweat and hand oil over time and becomes dry and slick. Made entirely of proprietary EPDM rubber that is naturally tacky and resistant to rain, humidity and sweat, the DTX features two opposing textures, one smooth and tacky and the other rougher and more gritty.

“The DTX was intended to offer all of the advantages of Pure grips technology, including the company’s 12-month guarantee, to the current cord player,” Haney explains. “The contrasting textures deliver a great simulation of a cord feel but adds the seamless molding and amazing rubber from Pure.”

Haney goes on to praise the injection mold manufacturing process Pure uses in its Arizona facility that allows the company to maintain a plus-minus 1-gram weight tolerance. That enables players who use its products to maintain a more consistent swing-weight and feel within a set, as does the fact all the walls in the Pure grips, including the DTX, are uniform in thickness.

As for the Classic Putter, it uses the same rubber formula as other Pure grips. “We took a look at all the things that we loved about the great putter grips and tried to distill them down to a simple design that anyone can use,” says Darin Osmundson, lead designer of the Classic Putter. “It just seems to fit into your hands so naturally.”

According to Haney, the new offering will help address a common problem among golfers, which is that they do not re-grip their putters nearly as often as they should. “Feel is one of the most essential components of putting, and we are excited to be offering a solution that will give you better touch and feel on the green.”

The DTX is available in 11 colors, from black and blue to purple and hot pink, while the Classic Putter comes in nine hues.

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