SkyGolf gets more caddie


ORLANDO, Fla. – If you are a golf techie you may want to give this a look. SkyGolf released the new SkyCaddie SGX at the PGA Merchandise Show and it takes a great leap forward in moving from golf GPS to actual caddie.

The new rangefinder allows for a new technology called SmartClub that you install on the top of your grip that will allow the machine to identify individual clubs without the need for you to enter them. After a few trips out to the course it will learn your game and make suggestions as to the proper club that should be used. So when you want to pull out what you think should be a 7-iron, which may be the right club for Phil Mickelson but not for you, it will instead tell you the club that will actually get you the distance needed.

Another addition to this new SkyCaddie is the addition of social networking for the golfer. You will be able to share your game data, including scores, shot distance, and even what’s in your bag with your instructor, friends, and anyone else you wish to share with.

And what if you don’t have an instructor? Well, they have that covered as well because the ClubSG that stores your data online can suggest one that will meet your needs.

One last perk: you don't have to tip the SkyCaddie $50 after your round.