Srixon introduces new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour balls


Srixon Sports announced the launch of the new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour golf balls.  

The new TRISPEED golf ball is a premium three-piece distance ball designed for all types of golfers. The construction combines a soft mid-layer with a large and highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth core to produce a high launch angle with low spin that results in extreme distance and great feel with any club. The larger core coupled with the 324 dimple design promotes a penetrating ball trajectory that is unyielding to windy conditions. The Trispeed is a low compression ball designed to produce low spin off the driver. This low spin performance will produce more distance for most golfers, who tend to produce too much spin off the driver. Compared to the original Trispeed, which was widely known for its exceptional distance, the new Trispeed boasts a thinner cover and bigger core. This combination will produce more ball speed aiding the golfer in achieving more distance. 

The Trispeed Tour offers a nice complement to the new Trispeed. The Trispeed Tour is a premium three-piece distance and control ball with tour caliber performance for all types of golfers. The overall performance maximizes spin without sacrificing distance by combining a thinner and softer cover with a slightly higher compression core. The core uses Energetic Gradient Growth core technology to optimize driver distance and greenside spin control. With its softer cover and firmer core compression, the Trispeed Tour will produce that additional spin around the greens and on approach shots that certain golfers demand in their ball. 

“The new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour golf balls bring added performance without sacrificing distance,” said Chris Beck, Brand Manager for Srixon. “With these two new offerings, golfers can find an upgrade from the 2-piece ball they are currently playing without having to pay the higher costs associated with urethane balls.”

The new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour golf balls will begin shipping immediately to retailers and will carry a suggested price of $29.99.