Study shows equipment sales totaled $2.5B in 2014


Golf equipment sales totaled $2.5 billion in 2014 according to a study released this week by Golf Datatech.

The research firm surveyed 3,000 "serious golfers" as part of the study, which is released on a bi-annual basis and tracks the shopping and purchase trends in the game. According to the study, equipment sales in 2014 were the third-highest total in the last six years.

Other key findings from the study include:

  •  Attitudes toward sporting goods stores were "down significantly in almost every measure." Many stores fought a glut of inventory from manufacturers in 2014, and Dick's Sporting Goods made headlines in July when it fired more than 500 full-time PGA of America professionals from its stores nationwide.
  •  Off-course specialty outlets are perceived as "best customer service of all channels," while on-course or "green grass" stores continued to lead all channels in apparel sales.
  •  Online purchases of shoes, drivers and balls "increased significantly" over the past two years, while online purchases of high-involvement categories like clubs continued to grow but "remain relatively limited."