TaylorMade introduces Burner SuperLaunch Irons


The performance of TaylorMade's Burner iron has made it the best-selling iron model in the United States. Although the Burner iron is engineered to appeal to a very wide range of player types, the fact remains that it isn't for everybody. There are golfers, mainly slower swingers and players who produce a naturally low ball flight, who can't launch the Burner high enough to enjoy the full benefits of the club.

Enter the Burner SuperLaunch, an iron specifically designed to be spectacularly forgiving and easy to get in the air, allowing a certain segment of players - mainly slower swingers and low-ball hitters -- to get more distance. In addition, Burner SuperLaunch iron's offset helps straighten a slice and promote a draw.

TaylorMade Burner SuperLaunch IronsBurner SuperLaunch irons are engineered to deliver  forgiveness from end-to-end (heel to the toe) and top to bottom (topline to leading edge). In fact, TaylorMade claims it's the most forgiving iron they have ever made. That makes it a great iron for high-handicappers with patterns of inconsistent ball-striking. The Burner SuperLaunch irons boast the highest MOI of any TaylorMade iron.

The first thing you notice about Burner SuperLaunch irons is that each features a wide, multifunctional sole, which is key to establishing the low and deep CG location that makes every one of these irons so easy to get high in the air. Each sole is beveled to reduce the degree of interaction with the turf. That means you get the low-deep CG-positioning benefits of a large sole, yet it plays like a much smaller, narrower sole.

When you rest a Burner SuperLaunch iron behind the ball, you'll notice the substantial topline, which contributes to the stability and forgiveness. TaylorMade engineers cambered the topline's rearward edge to give it a downward slant, resulting in a more dynamic appearance.

Like the Burner irons, the Burner SuperLaunch long-irons, mid-irons and short-irons were designed separately, which is clear when you see the long-irons, which boast a decidedly low-profile shape compared to the rest of the set. This shape, when combined with the wide sole and deep cavity, help make Burner SuperLaunch long-irons easier to launch at lower swing speeds. The low-profile shape also makes the long-irons look easy to hit, too. On the opposite end of the set, Burner SuperLaunch short-irons have a traditional face-height and profile, while the middle-irons are of medium-profile, about halfway between the traditional profile of the short-irons and low-profile of the long-irons.

Progressive face thickness throughout the set has the thinnest faces in the long-irons for higher COR, faster ball speed and better weight distribution and thicker faces in the short-irons for better feel. Inverted Cone Technology in every Burner SuperLaunch iron helps expand the area of the clubface that delivers fast ball speed to promote more distance on off-center hits.

The biggest benefit of Burner SuperLaunch is how easily they launch the ball and how high they launch the ball. Slower swingers will find it a breeze to launch these irons on an extremely high flight and with the spin necessary to keep the ball in the air long enough to achieve significant added carry, and when the ball comes down it will land steeply and softly.

Burner SuperLaunch irons also incorporate a new groove design that conforms to the USGA's new ruling on grooves, which will be enforced in high-level competition starting in 2010 and in recreational golf starting in 2024.

The standard set of Burner SuperLaunch irons includes 4-iron through attack wedge, and will be offered at a street price of $599 with steel shafts and $799 with graphite. A 3-iron and sand wedge are also offered separately. Burner SuperLaunch irons are offered in four shaft flexes - S, R, M, L. The Burner SuperLaunch ladies' set features its own unique purple color palette. Burner SuperLaunch irons will become available starting on April 1, 2010.