Titleist introduces new NXT Tour and NXT golf balls


Titleist introduced the most advanced generation of its NXT franchise with the new multi-layer NXT Tour and new solid technology NXT.

Utilizing advanced multi-layer technology, Titleist claims the new NXT Tour will be longer off the driver and long irons for most golfers, while delivering consistent shot-stopping greenside control, soft feel on all shots and outstanding durability. The larger, faster 1.58' dual core, multi-layer design provides longer distance and soft feel on all shots while the soft, thin, more durable Fusablend cover contributes to soft feel and exceptional control into and around the green. Conversion to a low-count, high-coverage Tour-proven 332 Icosahedral dimple pattern in seven different sizes combined with a Staggered Wave parting line contributes to enhanced aerodynamics and longer distance off the driver and long irons. A Tour-validated A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp assists in alignment at address off the tee, as well as when putting.

'The new, advanced design of the NXT Tour offers an outstanding balance of overall high performance and control,' said Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President, Golf Ball Research & Development, Acushnet Company. 'The New NXT Tour pushes the envelope of advanced multi-layer solid core technology, delivering longer distance, soft feel and shot-stopping spin.'

The newly designed NXT replaces the NXT Extreme, and Titleis claims the ball improves upon its predecessor's promise of extreme distance and straight ball flight. A large and fast 1.575' solid core provides high velocity for extreme distance while aIonomer cover contributes to low spin on all shots for long, straight distance. Higher coverage 332 Icosahedral multi-dimple pattern combined with a Staggered Wave parting line contributes to enhanced aerodynamics. This ball also has anA.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp assisting in alignment at address off the tee and while putting just like the NXT Tour. The NXT Tour also features a cut-proof cover for long durability.

The New NXT Tour and NXT golf balls will be sold in traditional dozens and three-ball sleeves. Shipments will begin February 1, 2010. The suggested retail price of the New NXT Tour will be $40.00 per dozen ($29.99 MAP), while the New NXT will carry a suggested retail price of $34.00 per dozen ($25.99 MAP).